2019, 23 min. 




For this video, Hodoscek constructed a long durational performative situation that exposes an intimate interplay between a professional actor and the camera. In this particular setting, the camera is not instructive, it doesn’t portray, or represents any interest besides its own presence. What kind of attitudes does this mere presence produce?

Video is an edited version of a four-hour performance.


Special thanks: Marga Altolaguirre 

Produced by: Tabakalera - International Centre for Contemporary Culture (Donostia), San Sebastián 



The dreams push me in order to make them real, concrete, and the dreams, of course, also are surrounded by values of other dreams. We never finish having dreams. Paolo Freire


 In this world

The Dreaming Society is a platform for process-based workshops and experiments initiated in collaboration with high school students. The workshops are focused on the notion of community in relation to learning. 


Archive of dreaming:

Dreamers workshop in Zagreb part of 40th anniversary of Prozori Gallery: “Social Potential of Hybrid Public Cultural Institutions and Marginal Art Practices”

Dreamers in Zagreb, part of solo exhibition in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery. Thanks to Irena Borić, Ana Kovaćić and Tina Rajić.


Dreamers in Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana.
Participants: Val Fürst, Veronika & Živa Hanc, Timon Hozo,  Zala Jagodic, Iris Jerant, Tina Murenc, Ana Pupi, Max Rakušček, Nace Žagar. Thanks to: Nina Ostan and Adela Železnik.

Documentation: http://www.mg-lj.si/si/dogodki/1771/video-maja-hodoscek/


Dreamers workshop in Škuc Gallery, part of solo exhibition We Need a Title.
Participants: Neža Čepon, Hana Fekonja, Nikola Pešić, Eva Pleško, Tjaša Robič,
Ema Berčič, Gracija Binder, Manca Jarc, Melisa Mešič, Ana Oražem, Lucija Vrankar, Anita Zamernik, Simona Žebovec, Košak Tanja.
Thanks to Ana Čigon.

Documentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZERA7hzKJJ4









2012, 21 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovenian with English subtitles


The artist made the video Little Girl together with her little sister Zala Ožek at the primary school Zala was attending at the time. Taking on the role of cameraman, Zala filmed her schoolmates at class and during the breaks, as well as their interactions in the school corridors. The main part of the film consists of conversations between Zala and two of her classmates, revealing how these children see and reflect their position in the education system, where they see themselves in the labor market in the future, and how they understand possibilities for active involvement in politics and society.

With: Zala Ožek, Urh Skale, Nik Škorja


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Empty Chair

2019, photograph 


Empty chair


JAM, 2015
30 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovenian with English subtitles


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2011, 21. min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovenian with English subtitles.

Video follows a performance of a woman, who in this video plays herself. Following her interest in acting, she searches for recognition in the exams at the Academy of Theatre and fails to pass them. Never again she tries again. Instead, she transforms herself in an actor in life by inhabiting different social roles through shifting between various occupation and consciously not entering into the regulated system of labor.

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2019, 21 min.

See Me still


In this video, Hodoscek constructed a situation that exposes an intimate interplay between a professional actor and the camera. In this particular setting, the camera is not instructive, it doesn’t portray, or represents any interest besides its own presence. What kind of attitudes does this mere presence produce?


Special thanks: Iñigo Azpitarte

Produced by: Tabakalera - International Centre for Contemporary Culture (Donostia), San Sebastián



Installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art (MSUM) Metelkova, Ljubljana, 2019



POEM, 2015

HD Video

Poem video still


For the first time, a teenage girl is encountering a poem written by her high school colleagues – members of a school debate club wrote this particular poem. In the video, we see how she reacts to the written words by translating them in semi abstract sounds. Or she pics upon parts of the poem and tries to transform them into a new form, reading the words backward or inventing them a new. She confronts herself with an unknown material, there is no reference on which she could depend on. Therefore she finds herself in a space of learning and doing, her own creative response is being celebrated.

Participants: Laura Betka Krajnc

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2010, 17. min. 20 sec., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, English and Slovene.


Hodoscek view GREGOR PODNAR

Exhibition view at Gregor Podnar Gallery - Project Space Ljubljana, 2010




RAW Material is a video that Hodoscek made in Brooklyn, New York and in Celje, Slovenia in 2010 with the help of Black Veterans for Social Justice organization. It focuses on the story of a singular young war veteran, on his confession of a traumatic experience that took place during the occupation of American militant forces in Iraq, but most importantly on his transition from belonging to a strongly regulated group back to being an individual, a civilian.
Hodoscek avoids journalistic representational modes and focuses on the notion of exchange of information through role appropriation. She situates the narrative in her local context and applies the gathered material on the 'second' witness. A high school student, non -actor from her home town performs in the video. Performing the transcription of the interview, his part overlaps with authentic interview (in the form of sound-text animation).



civilians piss me off








6 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, English subtitles

Training video still 1


In the video, we hear an extract from an intensive training session that Hodoscek attended at a local high school. The training is designed for high school teachers and led by an invited external guest - a professional coach. The aim of the coaching session is to introduce an idea of entrepreneurship as a model for an advanced way of teaching. The coach, with its high motivational pitch, tries to convince the teachers that orientation towards an entrepreneurial mindset is the only possible path of teaching in order to confront the challenges of contemporary life. The image shows a gym training during a regular school class. The pupils are tired, they rehearse very slowly or are almost sleeping.




Celebration, 2015

 4 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9



Celebration is a short video that Hodoscek made with a school theatre club. The group followed the lyrics of the poem Voiceless (written by the debate club in Hodoscek previous work entitled We Need a Title) and transformed them into a performance. In the performance we see a group of pupils in a classroom, each with its own ballon that has to be blown. The performance ends when all the pupils blew up their ballons.

With: Amadej Čanjuga, Nejc Gerečnik, Tamara Levar, Lucija Kokol, Ana Krklec, Lea Matko, Brina Repinjšek, Valentina Teršek, Mojca Trnovšek

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2010, 10 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles.

Promised Land is a video that Hodoscek made in 2010 together with her neighbors - construction workers that had immigrated from former Yugoslavian countries, at the moment of filming living and working in Slovenia. Slovenian EU membership signifies prosper and development, delivering an imprecise image of the actual economic and political condition. The image of EU frames the reasons upon why men from ex-Yugoslavian territory decide to leave their families and search for work in another country.

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The Lesson, 2017
15 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovenian with English subtitles

the lesson The Lesson2 the Lesson3

The Lesson takes places in school, during a lesson. We see pupils and the teacher engaged in a conversation about a particular historical movement, partisan schooling, that emerged during the Second World War in Slovenia as an opposition to the occupation. Hodoscek proposed the theme and material for the lesson and focused on a reading of a letter written by a particular partisan teacher. In the video, we observe the discussion that took place after the reading, where concepts such as methods of teaching under radical conditions, the interrelationship between teacher and pupils, the role of the teacher and current challenges of teaching are being debated. Hodoscek was interested in the dynamics of the class hour and focused the camera eye on the silent figures since they were in the majority - pupils who remain quiet during the lesson, occupying themselves with their own thoughts or waiting patiently or impatiently for the lesson to pass. Their silence proposes a particular performative gesture or rather a pressure to perform, a voice hidden and a stillness that is anything but still, however insisting on remaining opaque.

Pedagoški tečaj Ljubno 25.11.1944

Teacher's notes from a pedagogy course, from the archive on Partisan Schooling, source: Museum of New History Celje


class breaks

Class Breaks was made in close collaboration with the artist Maja Hodoscek’s sister Zala who at the time of the book’s development was just finishing elementary school. For several months Zala secretly filmed activities at her school during class breaks.


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The installation Landscape consists of a video made in a retirement home and audio recordings and photographs taken in elderly people’s private homes. The work focuses on the process of aging as seen from the vantage point of the elderly, exploring the ways an individual experience old age, and how aging is perceived in the broader social context. 


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 2017, 9 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovenian with English subtitles

vlcsnap-2017-04-27-18h42m57s114 copyCommunity 2017


High school pupils; a passionate mathematician, a future student of economics at Abu Dhabi University, a history nerd and an art fan, meet every week in the school library to construct a social diagram. A diagram that in focus has the term community and is thought of as a proposition for a more connected way of living emphasizing the notion of situated learning and common practice. Finding its grounds in a specific archive of Partisan Schooling (1943 - 1945), where notes and diagrams from teachers were found on how to teach under radical conditions, the pupils think about modes of self-organizing today. Each pupil voices out their own ideas on how to imagine a more communal mode of living and they incorporate those very different points of views in the diagram. The video follows the process of sketching out the final outcome - a joint diagram as a response to current authoritarian regimes and an invitation to learning new habits and modes of attachment.


2014, 28. min., HD video, Colour, Sound, 16:9,  

We need a Title 1 


Hodoscek made the video in collaboration with six members of school debate club, who in this work inhabit the role of poets. For several months the members participated in a sort of parallel curricula initiated by the artist. The departure point of the debate was the legacy and potentiality of the Non-Aligned Movement (First NAM conference in Belgrade, 1961).

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4 - channel video installation, 2016

vlcsnap-2016-08-23-09h46m13s147 vlcsnap-2018-02-08-16h12m02s110

vlcsnap-2018-02-08-16h12m12s177 vlcsnap-2018-02-08-16h12m47s27

What is Community? is a visual experiment that focuses on the perception of the term community and its relation to the imagery. The video installation shows four high school students interested in art, during the process of drawing an image of the community as they understand it in visual terms. In between the students observe photographs of different communities taken from various archives - newspapers, art catalogs, museum archives, etc. They try to describe what they feel while observing the photographs. 

With: Ana Krklec, Nuša Horvat, Lea Matko, Nina Šalamon
14237633 1169139029791457 1472494830799134830 n
Installation view, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, 2016


2013, 11 min., HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, Slovenian with English subtitles.

The video filmed in an abandoned cinema shows a teenage boy dressed in a militant uniform of the former country The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He belongs to a generation born in the second half of the nineties which means he never lived and experienced Yugoslavia. However, he is fascinated by this particular historical period (1942-1992).

In the video we see him imitating the former leader Josip Broz Tito. He is performing a fictional speech that he wrote himself and in which he is addressing the youth. Through the speech the boy asks himself, what could Tito say to the youth

today in current precarious global conditions.



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